Facebook Easy Login Not Working


I have an app to roll out to production as an update which is running on Backendless v3.0.46 which has Easy Facebook login integration, somehow the integration is giving the error mentioned below.

URL blo

Hello, check your facebook setting please

Everything is in place, app domains, redirect URI and site url along with bundle id for iOS.

Still facing the issue.

Attached screenshots of the settings in Facebook app.

Please, notice the new Facebook rules for “Login” functionality.

Could you please also provide all configuration screens of your facebook app.

It would be nice, if you try to login user with facebook rest api in order to exclude configuration problem.

I have added all configuration screenshots below, Please have a look and suggest if something is not in place in terms of configuration.


For some reason I don’t see the error message you are getting in the initial post. Please share the error message you are getting.

Also have you configured .plist as described here? https://backendless.com/documentation/users/ios/users_facebook_login.htm


Please find error attached.


We have investigated this issue.
Facebook Login API has changed and don’t provide the easy login functionality anymore. Please use Login with Facebook SDK instead.

You can find more information below:
documentation v3
documentation v5