facebook login error 3022

We had an Android application with Facebook and Gmail easy login with no problem. We have the social settings and keys ok according to https://backendless.com/documentation/manage/mgmt_social_settings.htm

Suddenly we obtain the next error:
{“code”:3022, “message”:“Unable to login user due to error: Expected a ‘:’ after a key at character 231”}

that may be happening?

This is the screenshot of the error.

Hi Albert,

thank you for reporting your issue, we have reproduced it and will fix. I’ll notify you here once it will be fixed.
You can reference to this issue by it’s ID - BKNDLSS-14183.


Hi, Albert.
We have fixed this problem. Try once again. Please, would your write here, whether everything work for you.

It’s working again for me. Thanks!

Thank You very much! It,s working again.

What was the fix? I am having the same problem on trial standalone with REST.

The fix was in the product core. It is not available in the Standalone version.