Facebook Login Issue when using

We are using Facebook Easy Login feature of Backendless with our android application. We had used facebookFieldsMappings.put(“name”, “username”); . It worked fine for a month before unexpectedly throwing error yesterday.
The Error was - BackendlessFault{ code: ‘null’, message: ‘Some of required parameters are null’ }
We found that the name mapping is returning null. On removing “name” and using “first_name” instead, the login worked fine.
We wanted to know how will the application developers be made aware of such changes that require immediate action?

There are no changes from the Backendless side. Neither from the Facebook side

‘name’ and ‘first_name’ are both fields of the Facebook User Profile

When the user registers to your application, Backendless creates a new user in Users table and fill its fields based on the Facebook User Profile and fields mapping you specified.
If, during the mapping one of the fields marked by you as required is empty the error arrises.
So, most likely, one of the users has no name field filled in in his Facebook profile. Instead it has first_name field. That’s why changing mapping “resolved” an issue

Is there any way to ask the user for the missing required fields?

Let’s say as it was in that case, the first_name may also be null, which will cause the login / signup to fail again. It would be nice to show a dialog to the user, “please provide a name” and pass this along with the user creation.

Is this somehow possible?


this week we’re going to release a new version of Backendless, and this bug will be fixed, but for now you can change from

facebookFieldsMappings.put("name", "username")


facebookFieldsMappings.put("name", "name")

and it should work fine.
Please note that my approach is just a temporary workaround. After new release you can write

facebookFieldsMappings.put("name", "username")

and it will work fine too.