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Failed to enable crypto on HTTP request

(naseebali) #1

hello ! i’m new To backendless php sdk so i need your help .
so issue is i try to register user using php sdk and i get these error .
i don’t know but may be these errors are because of sdk . because i download php sdk from any third party side .
here is my php sample code .
i added the screen shots of errors . please help me .

<?php namespace my_app; use backendless\Backendless; use backendless\model\BackendlessUser; include "E:/vendor/backendless/autoload.php"; Backendless::initApp('---------------------------', '---------------------------------', 'v1'); $user = new BackendlessUser(); $user->setEmail( "" ); $user->setPassword( "my_super_secret_password" ); try{ $registered_user = Backendless::$UserService->register( $user ); } catch (BackendlessException $e){ $code = $e->getCode(); echo "$code"; } ?>

(Vladimir Upirov) #2

Hi naseebali

Our Php SDK is placed here:, have you downloaded it from here?

But unfortunately we don’t support the Php SDK anymore.

According to your questions I’ve found a few links which maybe help you

Regards, Vlad

(Sergey Chupov) #3

Your error is related to the end of the Free Plan on version 3. Please see this blog post for details:

(naseebali) #4

yes i downloaded the sdk from github

(naseebali) #5

Thanks .

ithink i should use JS sdk :stuck_out_tongue:

(Vladimir Upirov) #6

yeah, using JS-SDK is better =)