FAULT = '1900' [Entity is missing or null] - iOS

I’m using a backendless.data.of API to get all the data from an object table. It works perfectly fine while debugging - returns all the results but the release build throws this error: FAULT = ‘1900’ [Entity is missing or null]. What does this mean? What am i doing wrong?

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App ID: C8AACC79-ED68-42EB-FF4C-B84CA109A600


func fetchAllIndustries() { 
 let query = BackendlessDataQuery() 
 response: { 
 (inds: BackendlessCollection!) -> () in 
 print("industries - \(inds.getCurrentPage().count)") 
 let currentPage = inds.getCurrentPage() 
 for ind in currentPage { 
 if let ind = ind as? Industry { 
 self.allindustries.addObject(ind) } 
 error: { (fault: Fault!) -> () in 
 //this prints FAULT = '1900' [Entity is missing or null]