Feature request - Get data from page URL

Dear @mark-piller

url parameter feature is very helpful to check the data in the data table. Bubble has this feature.

Thank you for your hard work on nocode movement

Hi Xia,

Is this in the context of UI builder? Are you asking if a page can have parameters in the URL?


yes in context each page can have parameters. parameters can be used to check into the database.

an example is the referral system

then handlers “on page enter”
when the page loads with the $ parameter (xia) we can check with Backendless data api. whether the $ parameter (xia) can be found in the database. if there is then the next logic execution.

It is already possible. Here’s a demo:

The data parameter is a JSON object. You can play with the URL above. The city parameter can take a string value which is used to retrieve all the cities starting with the specified string.


This is how it is implemented by the way:

The On Page Enter event:

Added the DataTable component to the page:

And configured the Where Clause Logic for the DataTable component:
UI Builder - ConsoleDemo - Backendless 2020-07-13 12-32-52


Big thanks @mark-piller