Fee- based consulting offered by Backendless

Hi Backendless team.

I love Backendless, learned a lot along the way, enjoy using your product, and want to continue to do so.

To make this happen, I may need some consulting help from your team.

I have zero coding experience and started using Backendless a few years ago.

I created a low-use web-based app (UI created with AppGyver) that is an educational tool used by students and is self-funded. I currently have two (yes, only two!) active users on my app.

Under the Cloud 9 plan my costs were $35/month (which I have decided is fine to self-fund). Under the new scale plan the estimated cost is $832/month (which sadly I cannot self-fund).

With only two users I’m sure my app makes a lot of background unnecessary API calls which drive up my cost. Even when the app is not being used it seems there are 60 API calls every minute (if I am interpreting the analytics graphs for my app correctly).

Does Backendless offer any fee-based consulting services that could teach a novice like myself “best practices” so I can optimize my app and continue to use and support Backendless? If so, what are your fees?

Thanks in advance.

Hi @Rick_Bo

I made your topic public since private topics is only for PRO version holders.

I can suggest that you start optimization by finding the most frequent API calls. You can find them on the Analytics → API calls tab. Filter the requests by the required time range and find out which requests are the most frequent to determine what triggers them.

Also, please visit https://backendless.consulting/

Or write direct to sales@backendless.com.


Thank you.