Feedback video after one day of learning - WE HAD A BLAST - GREAT GREAT GREAT!

This setup makes so much sense - we got excited!!!

A few bits and pieces that could make it even better here:

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I forgot one point - we highly suggest a kind of “swear jar” for mark for every time he says “straight forward” :smile:

Hi @Yellow_Snow, first of all, thank you for your feedback! It is extremely valuable and please post more videos with your comments, they are very helpful for us. I know in some (if not all) videos I do repeat myself… sometimes it is on purpose since people may watch these videos in your YouTube channel outside of Missions and they may need more context. In other cases, the videos are not scripted and I may get carried away a bit, we’re all humans… :wink:

For some of the things you pointed out, I’d like to share the rationale behind the design decisions we made:

Zipping directory

You’re right, zipping only a selected directory does make sense except for one use-case, zipping the root directory itself. There is no checkmark to select it. This is partially the reason why it works this way. I agree it is not consistent.

Perhaps a tooltip on the “Zip Directory” link should say what directory would get zipped, I think that would make it more intuitive.

Changing order of columns

The reason the icon to change the order is not on the column itself is in some tables the number of columns can be quite high. While it is not recommended from the data denormalization perspective, it is inevitable that tables may have 20/30/40 columns.

When you have that many columns, changing the order of them by dragging the actual columns would be less convenient than a single list as we have it now.

Table name in the connector

In some cases your logic may use more dynamic behavior where you need to pass the table name in a variable rather than selecting from a list. With the current approach, you can put a table name by typing it in or use a variable that contains the name of a table.

List of events that have logic

The interface we have now already provides a visual cue for the events that have logic. Please see below:

That panel on the right is scrollable. Also notice this little pin:

When you unpin it, the panel on the right will show all components that have logic and you will be able to scroll through all events and data binding properties.

Gray area in page designer from 1995 :slight_smile:

Noted, we will see how we can make it look better

Full screen on video in Missions

Could you please let me know what browser you’re using? I just tried in Chrome on Mac and it worked correctly, however, it is clear that it didn’t work properly for you. Also, did you see you can play an enlarged video by clicking this icon::

Again, thank you for your amazing feedback. We’re happy you’re enjoying learning Backendless.


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Hi Mark,

thank you for your answers.

Regarding the table names etc in the logic builder. we would love to have the combination you write the name and a drop down appears which shows you the available options which guarantees that you write the right name as this is by far the biggest queue of error we discovered.

The browser causing the effect is Safari. We tried it on Brave it seems to work. As we use Macs we will never install chrome as it is slows the machines and is the only way to get viruses on a Mac, any ways brave does everything as side the useless background spy engine and is faster anyways :slight_smile:

Complete unrelated - did you guys came across - ? Amazing tool and I think a amazing partner for backendless maybe an integration would be great? Build react apps in a sleek amazing way has debug pipes (you can see the data running from one note to the other and click on it if you want to keep it for testing … this combined with backendless would be our dream setup at the moment… (they using a parse server which is fast but has a lot of restrictions as we know…)