Fetch row from table based on the where clause using the currentUser ID

I need to filter a row in a table based on the current User ID, and then bind the fields in a form based on this row. Below is the table and true User ID to filter on:

I have an application variable called “currentUder” that’s part of AppData.

This may be the wrong approach, but want to fetch this row of data in the page enter event. this is what I have so far. Please let me know the correct way to fetch this row of data and bind the page data to it.

Thank you.

The query looks right.

  1. Have you verified it in REST Console?
  2. Have you verified that there is currentUser value in AppData?
  3. Have you checked the API request in the browser’s Network tab in DevTools?


  1. Yes I verified in Rest Console

  2. Yes there is a currentUser value in AppData

  3. Not yet. I didn’t know if I was doing this in the blocks the correct way. I assumed this was very wrong…

the next step is to bind the fields and test.


If you using a Form, you may do the next steps:

  1. Bind data to Form
    The form must have a field to binding data like on the screenshot
    There you can write a property from Page Data, or create a handler, and get any data from any place(including App Data)

  2. Bind properties from a data object to input fields

For example, you retrieve an object like

  "name": "John"

So you input inside a form should have a binding like on the screenshot


Pay attention to labels below the binding fields. In the first case we bind data from Page Data(if it’s not handler) to Form Data. In second - from Form Data to Input Field.

Also, I would recommend you our Youtube Channel and could be helpful in general understanding: one of old videos

If these steps and advice do not help. Create an external page with a minimum of logic, and we will solve your issue together.

Regards, Dima