Fetching records issue

I got the error below

We noticed a long running request.

This may happen when the console loads sorted objects from a table containing a large number of records. You can try disabling sorting by using the sorting icon for the columns.

Or contact your system administrator.

Got another error like " Task execution is aborted due to timeout"

Hi @rajasekhar_puligadda

Can you describe the actions that led to this error?

Some times we are getting these issues, loading data slowly from backendless db

Good day Rajasekhar,
If the issue persists, we need a specific request which performs slowly. If that is only occasional, it may happen either because of your network connection or because of any load peaks on our side. The latter we try to avoid, so please report if this is really frequent.

I have faced backendless database related issues nearly 5 times from past 3 months as i have observed

Yes, not only you did face them, unfortunately. If you experienced slow response time during the database issues mentioned in our Slack #general channel, then it’s expected.