Figma freelancer recommendation

We’re looking to improve the look of our app. Can anyone recommend a Figma designer they’ve worked with on Backendless before?

I would think a designer familiar with UI builder components would do a better job for me.


Hi, @Tim_Jones

I think it is better to use a designer you are familiar with. So there is no specific one that we can recommend. I would rather choose one that meets my requirements, and I feel comfortable working with.


I do not have a designer I’m familiar with. I was hoping to receive recommendations from the community. Otherwise, I will have to pick someone from Freelancer, etc.

Maybe I misunderstood the purpose of the support forum. I thought this was a place to also get recommendations from other BEL users.


Hi Tim,

You are more than welcome to post and look for outside help here. We may not have too many designers on the forum, but it doesn’t hurt to ask.


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Thanks @mark-piller