File folders not showing files that are actually there

Hi, I’ve created two custom folders in the root file directory. I upload files to these folders via api and then reference the urls in another data table. Until recently this works fine as I’ve made no changes. The files are still getting uploaded successfully but apparently the folders just show empty in the backendless console. I know the files are in there because I save the public url after upload into another table and can access that url pointing to the file in that folder even when the folder shows empty. I also have business scripts that run to remove these files in the folders every 24 hours and those apparently are failing because it is not returning any records even though the files are technically there.

Hello, @Sean_Butler

That’s interesting behavior, can you please provide your appId for us so we can inspect it deeply and examples of the uploading requests.

Regards, Igor

Hey Igor - sent you a message with the details. Please let me know what you find out. Thanks!

Looks great thanks for your help! Just out of curiosity, what was the cause of the problem?

Yeah, that problem was a kind of rarity. It was caused by NFS protocol connection bug, so files actually existed in the directory but were not visible through it.