File Highlighting for errors in Cloud Code

So recently I deployed my project using the ‘npm run deploy’ from my console. Then I went into cloud code and then to the ‘coding’ tab. I was using javascript and I clicked the ‘Save and Deploy All’ bottom at the top. The deployment failed because I had an error in my code that my local environment didn’t pick up.

The error was small, I just needed to capitalize a letter in an import statement. The inconvenience was that in order to find the error. I had to click through nearly every file in my project to find the error. I didn’t even know if the error would be highlighted on the code itself. It was.

I think it would be a helpful and easy to implement feature to highlight the file where the error preventing the deployment is located.

Hi @Noah_Caldwell

Thanks for the report. Internal ticket BKNDLSS-30493 created.
We’ll try to implement this and let you know when it’s done.

Viktor Mudrevsky

Hello @Noah_Caldwell,

We’ve released the new version of Backendless and added File Highlighting with errors.
Please, could you confirm that this works for you?

Regards, Nazar