File retrieval error - file not found

Hi team,

I am using the following code block to resize an image to 50x50 pixels for a list view.

The call to resize the image works and in the temp image folder I have the resized image (downsized to 2K). As you can see from the code I try and move the file from the temp folder location to a “proper” file location. This works but every now and then (say 1 in 5 times) I get this error in my application:

Is there something happening in the backend that the API returns the path to the file but the creation of the file is queued and not actually on the file storage and if you are quick enough (in this case move the file immediately to another location) then every now and then the file will not be found?

Appreciate thoughts on this.


I’ve created the inner task for investigation [BKNDLSS-30751]

Hi Glenn,

Try putting a delay between the call to resize the image and the call to move it. Since the file storage is distributed, the file may not be instantly available on all servers by the time the resize operation completes.