File storage — analytics?

We’re running into file storage limits… but I cannot find where I might see our file storage numbers (how much are we using?), or information about where the largest file storage is occurring (logs? UI builder backups? actual files we upload?). Is there some documentation or YouTube video that can shed light on “file storage”? Thnx

Hello @Alex_Klein,

You can find it here: Manage → Billing → press on your Current Plan:


Great, thank you. Yesterday I tried to zip a folder and got an email that said:

You have reached your limit. Login to Backendless Console and select Billing to add your credit card information. The credit card is required to modify the plan limits.

But it appears we currently don’t use a lot of storage at all:

Some glitch?

Can you please provide your App ID?

Sure, it’s AE4235E1-DBB7-C6F0-FF4A-E0378B0B2B00

Thanks, we’ll investigate this issue.

Please check now.
There was an issue with limits representation. The bug was fixed but the analytics data had to be updated manually. We updated it for your app and it seems you really have reached the file storage limit.
Analytics should update automatically in further.

Wow, so we went from using 6% of available file storage to 150%, seemingly overnight? How/why/where? Here is a graph of file service API calls, there were extraordinary spikes end of Sept beginning of Oct which we do not understand at all (we haven’t been doing anything different, we’re just building out our app which is not yet live for the public):

Do you have any method/recommendation for how we can understand why and where these spikes occurred? And where these 14Gb of files are located, when before we only used 60Mb?

Hi Alex,

I have asked our sys admin team to create a report for the size of the directories in your app. It will give you an idea about the size allocations per the directories.


Great much appreciated, thank you :pray:

Hi Alex,

The good news is you’re not exceeding the limit. The total size of all the files is 6.6GB. The bad news is the system miscalculated the usage somehow. We’re looking into it.

Below is a summary of the root-level directories with their corresponding sizes:

41K     api-docs
8.0K    chart-builder
503K    codegen
251K    email_templates
73K     export
13K     Group.svg
329K    import
13K     littleHouse.svg
8.9M    logging
55K     logs
8.8M    media
6.8M    servercode
44K     StudentFiles
20K     Teacher1200W.svg
6.5G    ui-builder
12K     user-thumbnail.png
9.5K    Vector.svg
1017K   visualizations
17M     web
6.6G    total

That is good news (and bad news for you guys)… but I’m still surprised we went from 60Mb to 6Gb. Ui-builder seems to be the culprit… in there, we have lots of backups — I’m guessing a container backup takes up as much file storage as a container, right? I just deleted some very old backups, that seems to have reduced file storage used.

Once you’ve investigated/fixed the internal calculations, is it the case that the report shown to us in billing is not “realtime”, but perhaps something that is updated once in a while (like every 24 hrs)?

Every backup is a replica of the UI Container.

The report shown in billing is not real-time. There is a corn job that recalculates file storage. The problem must be in its logic.

Additionally, it is important to keep in mind that the file storage in Backendless uses the block-based approach for allocations. The minimal block size is 1kb. It means if a file is only 1 byte, it will be counted as 1kb. However, even with this, the discrepancy is quite significant which leads me to believe there is a problem with the calculation.

Hi @Alex_Klein

We’ve updated cloud servers with a fix for the issue you described above. Could you kindly let us know whether the fix works for you?


Hi @Bohdan_Vynarchuk you mean the system is now calculating file storage correctly? Still no way to see the size of directories, right?

Yes, the system is now calculating file storage correctly.

Still no way to see the size of directories

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