File upload error (REST API) - Java exception

I am now getting the following response when uploading a file - /var/lib/backendless/repo/878940f83-1394-1e16-fff8-1dce458cae00/files/temp/filetest.txt (No such file or directory)

Could you show the code you use to upload a file?

It is working now. I tried it again today and all file uploads were successful. There were no code changes on my side. Will let you know if I ever see this again.

File Uploading Is not working from rest API,

Hi Nirmal!

Could you provide error message and your request example for file upload?

Works for my app.

Headers :

application-id: 318ED235-6BA5-4AF2-FF69-BEC4E5417700
secret-key: 91E01985-5291-35F0-FFCC-FB9BBC06E900
Content-Type: multipart/form-data
application-type: REST

In Body:
key :upload value : file.

Response :

When i click this URl that time it gives me a response :

“code”: 6007,
“message”: “The specified resource was not found”

and when i check Admin panel , there is also no image found.

Please try with documentation examples:


I have the same problem as Nirmal Sinh Revar , can you please provide me more information about How exactly should request body look like ?

I went over the whole support forum and havent found any reasonable answer.

In the link above from the documentation is only some curl example, which I do not know how to work out with. I am using REST API + Android.

Hi Norbert!
For android we have methods File Upload
and Save Files From Byte Arrays
Also from code generation you can download example which demonstrates how it works.