File upload from binary broke

Backendless Version

Cloud 9

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Expected Behavior

Please describe the expected behavior of the issue, starting from the first action.

  1. Sending a request as documented here: Save Files From Byte Arrays - Backendless REST API Documentation
  2. Getting a response about the success of it also as documented

Actual Behavior

I’m sending a request as specified by Save Files From Byte Arrays - Backendless REST API Documentation

Response is not useful to me - the error message seems to be empty:

_on_SendEvents_request_completed: 404 Data: "{"code":8002,"message":"Could not parse request with message: , status code 404, headers PUT /custom-domain-app-id-place/custom-domain-api-key-place/files/?path=binary/sessions/2727130063-23a50d41-61d7-11ec-84d9-806e6f6e6963_2022-06-09-14-37/events-6.txt",[…]

It is a PUT request to
The documentation uses two different Content Types. In the example text/plain is used, which also used to work. The request does not succeed either with text/plain nor with multipart/form-data as Contnt Type.

From the error message it does look like the “custom-domain-app-id-place” is something that should be replaced by backendless, but isn’t. COuld that be the isue?

Hi @Rene_Habermann ,

Sorry for inconvenience.
This problem caused by wrong internal routing rules for this endpoint which are applied for generated and custom domains. I have created an internal ticket BKNDLSS-28668 to fix this issue.

As a temporal bypass I can suggest you to switch from generated domain to platform public API domain. All your requests in this situation should look in the next way{application ID}/{api key}/{uri which goes after 'api' part}
For file binary upload there will be next URI{api key}/files/binary/sessions/xyz/events-4.txt

Regards, Andriy

Is there any update on the issue, or can i see these tickets anywhere?

Hello @Rene_Habermann!

We apologize for the inconvenience, but unfortunately the solution to this issue is still in progress.
Tickets are for internal use only, but we will let you know as soon as this fix is ready.


Hi @Rene_Habermann,

We made fix for this issue. Could you please check and confirm that error has gone from your side?
Sorry for delay with fix.

Regards, Andriy