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Files in console

(mike turner) #1

Apologies, this isn’t really a backendless question at all, but I was admiring the beautiful way my files and folders are displayed when I click on the Files icon in my backendless console. I don’t suppose you can tell me what library / technologies you used to display that lovely data table we can use to navigate around the folders and files as I need to create something similar in a new admin panel. I am familiar with but this looks more advanced.


(Vladimir Upirov) #2

Hi Mike

Thanks for your kind words!
It’s our own Table. For creating the Table Component we use React.js.
Unfortunately the component is not published to any public repositories.
Maybe in the future we will publish it on

Regards, Vlad

(mike turner) #3

Thanks Vlad,

Do let me know if you ever publish it :-). I think there are lots of good things on the backendless portal which would be very useful to app developers who also have to provide an admin panel to support their apps. Maybe think about opening some of that up in the future?

All the best