Find method BackendlessUser is not loading all properties

let query = DataQueryBuilder.init()
 _ = query?.setRelationsDepth(2)
 _ = query?.setWhereClause("objectId = '\(objectId!)'")
 Backendless.sharedInstance().data.of(BackendlessUser.self).find(query, response: { (res) in

 if let freshUser:[BackendlessUser] = res as? [BackendlessUser] 

freshUser does not contains all properties defined + I can access them using REST

I tried to use UserService to load object, tried to load it by findID method and even specify some of those fields explicitly using DataQueryBuilder.
Now if I call print(backendlessUser.getProperties())

[“objectId”: A862078E-F402-4CE5-FF2F-7F2386418900, “name”: Tomasko Najkrajsi, “email”:, “__meta”: <null>, “password”: <null>]

But there are no fields such as status, online, photo…which are defined

Now I updated SDK from 4.0.21 -> 4.0.22 and now app is not working at all, because of:

-[StringType copyWithZone:]: Error caused by accessing and converting currentUser objectID -> String:

let userID:String = String.init(Backendless.sharedInstance().userService.currentUser.objectId)
Thing is that objectId is not as declared type NSString BUT some StringType (your class).

Issue has been fixed. Please update to v4.0.23.
The get properties method also works fine for me:

var query = DataQueryBuilder.init()
 query = query?.setRelationsDepth(2)
 query = query?.setWhereClause("objectId = 'A862078E-...'")
 Backendless.sharedInstance().data.of(BackendlessUser.ofClass()).find(query, response: { res in
 let freshUser:[BackendlessUser] = res as! [BackendlessUser]
 let user = freshUser.first
 print(user?.getProperties() ?? "No props found")
 }, error: {fault in

Result attached.
Please verify whether it is ok now.

Regards, Olga


Works, thx