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APP ID: 4CD3087B-4F89-CD99-FFE2-224216583700
I have created the database with a table called “accounts” and a field called “account_name”. In the frontend, I have a page with a container set to “repeated” and logic set to "on page enter + set repeater data to row abc + load table object with table name “accounts”. In preview, the page does not display any data from the database. Thank you.

Hello @Marcello_Buttitta,

I see you have marked three containers as Repeaters while trying to set data for the repeater component that is located inside another Repeater item, which didn’t get any data, thus doesn’t render anything. I’ve created a landing_copy page in your app where you can see a fixed version of your current page.

I highly recommend watching the following videos before starting to build your app. It will give you a full understanding of how this feature works and intended to use.


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Many tks for your support.
Ciao from Italy!