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FLUTTER: PlatformException(3011, Property 'password' is required)

Hey guys, I’m trying to register a new user with Flutter.
Android works perfectly fine, but iOS doesn’t…

Here’s the error description:
[] Unhandled Exception: PlatformException(3011, Property ‘password’ is required, {NSLocalizedDescription: Property ‘password’ is required})

And this is my code:

  1. First, I created this function inside my State class:

    void register(String email, String password, String name, String phoneNumber) {
    BackendlessUser user = BackendlessUser(); = email;
    user.password = password;
    user.setProperty(“name”, name);
    user.setProperty(“phoneNumber”, phoneNumber);
    Backendless.userService.register(user).then((registeredUser) {
    builder: (context) => TyC(),

  2. Then, I call it when a button is pressed:
    register(email, password, name, phoneNumber);

Some useful information is that the login works just as expected both in iOS and Android. I can also get all the information of any user that is already registered in my database from both platforms. The only problem is when I attempt to register a new user in an iOS device or simulator. I have already updated everything in the podfile and the problem persists. And when I run flutter doctor, it says there are no errors. I also checked that my Key ID and iOS and Android API Key are correct.

What can I do? :frowning:
I need your help!


Hi, Parki!

I’ll try to reproduce the problem and let you know about results.

I can reproduce it.
Some problems with sending BackendlessUser from Flutter side to native SDK.
Will be fixed in the nearest release within 24h.


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@parki_catapulta, fixed in 0.3.1, you can update the plugin.


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You fixed it!
Thanks! :rocket: