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Flutter SDK: save function does not work on iOS

Hi, I am using backendless_sdk: ^1.1.2
I am trying to create new record on BLUser Table. But save function does not work on iOS, its working well on Android.
Nothing happen when I call
response = await;
it stuck forever at that line.
In Android, its working well, the response is:
Screen Shot 2020-02-21 at 18.09.15

Here is my code and user.toJson()

Screen Shot 2020-02-21 at 17.57.51

Hi @long_nguyen

Thanks for the details. I will try to reproduce the issue and let you know once I find the problem.

Can you also specify you App ID?

Best Regards,

my app id is 9EA6F9C0-7ACB-4204-B813-8A0881565F6F

We checked it out, followed the steps you specified and the object saved successfully. Can you please provide the full code sample you use to create a new record on BLUser table?

Please also check if you ever reach the save function on iOS. I have the assumption that it’s never called and therefore object is never saved. Because the method works correctly for both Android and iOS.

Best Regards,

Thanks. I try to use Custome Classes instead.
It’s working now

Hi @long_nguyen

Glad to hear that. You can also check official documentation for Flutter SDK: Data Service API

Map approach should also works fine. Double-check the table name for this case. Maybe it’s misspelled.

Best Regards,

I double checked. Table name is correct. Still dont know why. I resolved by use custom classes.

I have new issue when set Geo Relation on iOS. I followed this article:

Here my code:
Map user = {
“objectId”: userBLId

    int result = -1;
    try {
      result = await, "location:GeoPoint:1", children: [savedLocation]);
    } catch (exception) {, "updateBLUserLocation failed " + exception.toString());
      return Future.error(exception);

In Android, it worked fine and return result = 1;
In iOS it stuck forever at this line result = await, "location:GeoPoint:1", children: [savedLocation]);

Here are user & savedLocation

Screen Shot 2020-02-25 at 11.37.37

Okay, let me check this out, @long_nguyen

Hi @long_nguyen

We couldn’t reproduce your issue. Can you please provide the minimal reproducible example of your problem?

Best Regards,

I resolved by pass saved location as a Map: savedLocation.toJson()
Now it work fine on both Android & iOS. Thanks
result = await
.setRelation(user, “location:GeoPoint:1”, children: [savedLocation.toJson()]);

Hi @long_nguyen

Yes, the setRelation method accept children argument as List of Maps. We will update the method signature to be more transparent.

Best Regards,

Yes, I think you should update documentations at here also.
String parentObjectId & List childrenObjectIds parameters are not correct now.

I’ve also created the internal ticket BKNDLSS-20710 for ‘method call get stuck forever’ problem.

Yes, it should throw exception when passing wrong arguments. Thanks for your support.

Hi @long_nguyen

You can check a new release v.1.1.3. We fixed the problem with methods stucking forever on iOS.

Best Regards,