Forgot password {change_link} issue

Hi. Good day!

Can we edit or modify the {change_link} url? Just like for example adding another query parameters on it. Or can we change this url “” to something like this “” to have our own password reset form??

Thanks ahead.

you can provide your own form by changing template on file service<your-app-name>/v1/main/files/web/templates/change_password

Yes, it can be edited in the template but we wanted to set a unique url each database/version.
Template in - (/web/templates/change_password/app.js.
Like for example for “v2” database/version we want to set the base url in:
window.location.href = ‘’+location.pathname;
And for “stage” database/version we want to set it to:
window.location.href = ‘’+location.pathname;
As mentioned above with different database/version. They are sharing the same template.

noticed the domain and