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Formatting data like datetime


I am trying to edit the data being returned back from a REST API I generated using the codeless feature in Backendless. How best can I format the datetime field to date? The end client is receiving datetime as a string and is not of use to the client. I was at a loss on how to do this using the building blocks under the codeless feature. As a second question, is there a way to utilize SQL to query the backendless data? I know SQL and could format the fields the way I want if I could use SQL. I believe the database used by backendless is NoSQL, but wondering if use of SQL has been abstracted in anyway.


Hello @ObyY

Welcome to our community and thank you for trying out Backendless.

Try use date from timestamp

You cannot use SQL.
But you can use:
Search with the Where Clause
Search with SubQuery
Generated Columns

We have many more possibilities.
Please describe what result you want to achieve, and then it will be easier for us to help you.

Thanks. I wanted to format some of the data before returning it in the API.
When I narrow down what I want to do, I can come back with some examples, so you can advise how I could do them.

With regards using the ‘date from datetime’ block, I tried it before and just tried it again, but it doesn’t seem to fit into the block that represents my datetime. The block that has my datetime is in the ‘create with list’ block, which is connected to the properties section of the ‘load table object’ block. Given that the blocks will not connect when I try to connect them, I am assuming that combination is not allowed …

Hello @ObyY

Are you looking for a way to convert datetime value from server to string and then pass it to the client, am I right?