frequent down time (502 bad gateway)

Hello, in the last times I am using backendless more frequently than in the past. During its usage, I am often experiencing moments where backendless becomes unresponsive. For “unresponsive” I mean that rest request takes a long long time and 99% of the times the response is an HTTP 502 Bad Gateway. When it happens, 100% of the times also backendless web console does not work. This is an obviously backendless’s fault.

Usually, after some minute everything starts working well.

Now my question is: how often must I expect this happening from backendless? Is this a frequent situation?

Thank you


The 3.x cluster has not had any outages since December of 2016. The service has been very stable. There are thousands of developers/apps using and if there was a problem like you described, we’d hear it from a lot of people. I suspect there might be a problem with your ISP. Next time it happens, please report to us (this support forum or slack) right away and we will be happy to check on our side.