Frontend Editing Page doesn't load

Hello all

I’m trying to edit a specific page from a container, but user interface on the editing page stay white permanently also, the elements list does not appear.

This happens only for some pages of the container I am trying to edit.

My App id is B40D0CBC-D7A8-EF17-FF4A-1F6162A4E700

The error appears when charging tha page creator or the page creator_plato from the CreatorApp container


Hi, @giovanny_padilla

We are sorry for the inconvenience. We are looking to the issue.



We’ve found a problem. Problem with data table component. Versions were not updated automatically between ui-builder and console. The problem will go away soon



To fix it right now: delete


directory, then go to ui-builder and refresh browser page.

It worked.

Thank you very much

Have a great day