Frontend UI Builder Error

Hi Support I need some urgent support. When Accessing the UI Builder im getting the following error. How do I proceed as I am new to Backendless

Thanks & Regards
Bennie Sheppard

Hi @Andriy_Konoz ,

I was busy testing some logic on the 06 task management page

@Bennie_Sheppard at what time did you redeploy your pages last time?

Around 3:45PM

To clarify - it was little more than an hour ago, right?

The only other thing I did was played around with a chart on the Daily Tasks Table.

and yes it was a little more than an hour ago

It is looks like there was a problem on our side with file system. We are terribly sorry that this happened.
Currently our engineers are restoring corrupted files. When they complete the process all should work again. I will notify you here when process will be completed.

Application ID: F1EA2000-5F29-6478-FF09-563B61A7CD00


@Bennie_Sheppard ,

We had restored corrupted files 3:00PM backup. Unfortunately we unable to restore changes which were made after 3:00PM because our next backup contains already corrupted files.
Could you please check your app and confirm that there are no problems with UI Builder?

Regards, Andriy

@Andriy_Konoz I will test and provide feedback

@Andriy_Konoz All seems to be working again.

thank you

One Last question @Andriy_Konoz how do I set a charts where clause dynamically

Use Case @Andriy_Konoz

when the user is selected the chart data must change

Currently it is retrieving all the data.