GDPR and Backendless Cloud


I just want to confirm something.

I found this post from April 2018, that says Backendless Cloud plans do not guarantee compliance:

Later on, in August 2018, this post says Backendless is compliant.

Does that mean that cloud plans are now hosted in the EU and are GDPR compliant?

I assume by storage that includes the Data and Files services?

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Hi James,

At the present moment the cloud plans and servers are hosted in North America. The location of the servers in EU is not mandated by GDPR. However, we’re adding a European cluster and very soon developers will be able to choose the location of their app:
Dashboard - APP_BLUEPRINTS_TEST - Backendless 2020-07-06 15-39-55


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Okay, thanks.

So, as I understand it Backendless Cloud is GDPR complaint including Data and Files services?

I assume developers will also be able to change the hosting zone of existing apps in their account too?

Yes, Backendless Cloud is GDPR compliant.

We haven’t programmed app migration from US to EU, however, you would be able to do it using the export/import function or we can do it for a reasonable fee.


Oh, so is hosting in the EU a paid addon similar to what you might pick-up in the Marketplace?

No, not at all, it is a separate cluster fully integrated with “the mothership” in the US. When you select the European hosting zone, the data and all working processed will be in EU, including the API endpoint. This will help with latency and for those who demand that the data is stored in the EU, will be able to sleep better too :wink:

Hi @mark-piller,

Oh sorry, I misinterpreted what you meant when you mentioned a fee.

I think you’ve covered all my questions.

Thank you,

Dear Mark,
with last changes from 17 July 2020 are not allowed
to store the data for EU customers in US.
Looks like we need to comply to that.

I have tried to find the Hosting Zone when I create new app,
but unfortunately cannot see that option.

Hi, @Aleksandr_Kurdadze,

Hosting Zones will appear very soon. I believe this month it should already become available.


Is there already an update to that topic? Cant find the option neither.

The team is working on getting the European cluster ready. Once it is, it will be announced in our blog, social media and the newsletter.


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Thanks for yor quick reply.