(General Question) Offline Application - Data Sent when network is available

Good Day all,

Is there a viable approach for apps to function offline with data being stored in a cache till such time as network is detected.

In South Africa we have constant power failures for several hours at a time, which makes any online application ineffective for hours at a time (Cell networks also drop).

To the point my question is basically is it possible on the Backendless platform and if so would it be possible to point me in the initial right direction.

As always thank you for your assistance.

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Hello @Raymond_Woodley

Could you clarify a little detail. You want to open application without internet? Or just handle a situation where you lost connection in the middle of the session?

Regards, Dima.

Hi @Dima

Apologies for the lack of clarity its to handle a situation where connection is lost in the middle of the session.

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We haven’t an out-of-the-box solution to handle this situation in WEB, but you could create your logic that denies any resource loading(especially page change) if there is no connection and create a timer that will start when the connection is lost(some requests are failed) and try to save/retrieve data time by time. Also, there is need a for logic to store saving data somewhere locally(for example local storage) in case the page will be closed. I think it won’t be an easy task, but still real.

Also, I could point you the direction of a Native App that will work without the internet by design, here you could read an article on how to make it from your web app - Introducing the Backendless Native Mobile App Flutter Shell

Thanks Dima,

Will investigate in the pointed direction.

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