Generate Custom Link to User Page

I’d like to use my Backendless App to generate a unique URL for a user (e.g.,, that they could share with non-users to access a page containing information the user choose to share.

Do you know of any examples I could look at that do something similar? Or if this is easy or hard with Backendless?

Hello @Grace_Young

It is not possible to do it with URL parameters, but it is possible to do it with query string, so your URL should something like the following:


On the logic page you take you query string from Page Data, for example:

Checkout the full codeless logic:

As a result when you goes to the page you will see the following result:

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This actually didn’t work for me. I don’t see anything except “Hello world! Empty repository created” with the URL. I’d like to make something similar to the “share by link” feature of Google docs - where a link can take anyone to a page with the user’s data.

Any other ideas? Thanks!

Hello @Grace_Young

what is your application Id, and in which container I should choose to see how you implement the logic?

We also need this functionality (unique url for unique user to publish content that can be seen by the outside world). I understand we could create a query string to attach to an app url… this is quite ugly though and users would not want to share out such (URL+query) links. Might one solution be some sort of link shortener (3rd party) that redirects to (URL+query)?

Hello @Alex_Klein

Unfortunately without using query it is not possible.


So the idea is we have a 3rd party link shortener configured somewhere which takes a pretty short link and redirects user to our Backendless app with query string appended. Might this be a good solution?


Do you mean a service that processes links like and redirects you to
Now there is no solution better than this


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Yes exactly, and thanks for the quick answers!