Geo Explorer Mission #1 - Zip File is Incorrect

Task: Import sample spatial data, inspect schema, rename column

The instructions indicate that we should download a zip file with Countries and Worldwonders. The zip file provided by Backendless, however, only has Worldwonders and then, after that, none of the remaining training instructions work because it is all based on an incorrect zip file. As a result, I cannot finish this Mission and move to the next one.

And I am getting emails that my data upload is unsuccessful. See:

Missions must be performed in an app created specifically for training. When you create an app for training, the Country table is already there.

Thanks, Mark. I am new to this. How do I know if I am conducting missions in an app specifically created for “training”? All I have done is register with Backendless and then go through Missions. I have never created an app before. I am stuck!!

UPDATE: I still dont have access to the “Country” table, and the “Country” data was NOT in the zip file that Missions asked me to download. Nevertheless, Missions passed me to the next Mission because I changed the name of “loc” to “location”.

Hi Mark,

You created at least one, because you’re working with it. Here’s what you should do to get on the right track:

  1. Click here:

  2. Then click here:

  3. Select this:

  4. Enter app name and then click CREATE

Once you’re done, you will be in the training app. There will be a popup with instructions and some videos. I recommend you become familiar with all the presented information. Make sure to proceed with your missions only from the app created for training.


Thank you Mark.