Geo Point Relationship is missing


I am not seeing Geo Point relationship with another table.
Geo Point Relationship is missing at my backendless.
I just want to make relationship GPS fields in two different tables.

Please help

Hello, @FMS_APP.

I didn’t really understand your question. But if you want to create a relation to a table that contains a geolocation, then you need to do the following steps:

  1. Create a new table, for example “Locations”.
  2. Create a column with geodata in this table, I created a column with the POINT data type, which is called ‘whereIs’.
  3. Then you need to create an object in this table.
  4. After that, in my Person table, I added a new column which will be the “relation object”, I called it “locate” (Data Object Relationship data type).
  5. Then in this column, I clicked on this column and selected the object to which this relay will refer.

Below are screenshots of how to do this:

Best Regards, Nikita.

Hi Nikita

My project has requirement to visualize both CSGPS and SNGPS on same map.
SNGPS is in another table, so I have made relation to that table with LinktoSN field. When I add relation to data, it only return object id, actually I want to get SNGPS field value. How can I get SNGPS value from relation? I also try to relate one to one with SNGPS field ,but no POINT type data fields are not appear in identification column.

Let me share some screenshot for your understanding.

I talked to my colleagues, and here is what we can advise you.
Spatial Data type columns cannot be identifiers in data relational columns. Therefore, I can advise you to create an App View by selecting a table with a relation as a parent table. So you will be able to add all the necessary columns from the child table to the App View. In the same place you can add a column of type Point. Here you can read more about APP Views - Introducing Backendless Database View Designer | Backendless.

Best Regards, Nikita.

Hi Nikita

I created view. Still Point Column is shown in Jason format only, not WKT or Visualize map in there.

Client App View also cannot display Geo Point data.

Best regards,
Nyi Nyi Lin

We are aware of this issue(BKNDLSS-24583).
Unfortunately, this is not the top priority. So we can not give a clear timeline for its decision.

To get around this problem, you can draw on your own instead of using a table.

Best Regards, Nikita.