Geo points with metadata performance

i have a query that is limited to return 5 records and the time for that process to finish is 4359.749ms according to the logs.
without the meta the time is 87.817ms.

was wandering is this the normal performance of finding geo point in radius with metadata?
my geo points have a relation with one data table in the metadata.

Hi @mohammad_altoiher
We are aware regarding performance issue when getting geo points with “heavy” metadata. We are very close to release of renewed geo service, which will perform much better than now. Cloud servers will be updated in a week or two


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Hey @anton-govorushkin
i was able to make my own solution using codeless. the time to retrieve the same data with my solution is 951.927ms. that is much more acceptable to me than the standard metadata approach 4359.749ms.

will the new service perform better than this Approximately?

Geo service will be closely related to Data service, so we expect it to perform about 10 times better than with your solution, around 100ms


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