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Geolocations icon not showing in console

My backendless console does not show the geolocation icon.

Hi. It is deprecated feature.
Please, look at the our new Spatial Types - POINT, LINESTRING, POLYGON.
You can use them as types for columns in your tables.


I followed a tutorial that showed me how to use the GeoLocation feature.
And my app works, so that means that somewhere in Backendless, the geolocations are stored.
Under “Data” I do not find anything.
Where can I find them then?

thanks in advance

Hi Steven,

With the release of the new geolocation set of features, which operate directly at the database level, the old geo had been removed for newly created apps. You can see the API documentation at:


hello Mark,

I know that the old geo is removed, but my application (created with an old tutorial that uses the old Geo) works fine, so I’m guessing that my geopoints are stored somewhere else, but I can’t seem to find them.
Like I said, under “data” there are no tables.

Hello @Steven_Noppe

Can you provide your application id?


sure :


Hello @Steven_Noppe

I can see that your app was created on Fri May 01, 2020.
Have you seen the old GEO Section in the app?
It seems like you just used API for working with geo point, and also will be blocked soon (BKNDLSS-21381).

Regards, Vlad