Geoqueries are going very slow

We made the switch recently from Parse to Backendless, and now our geoqueries are going very slow. There are thousands of records total, with an average of probably two or three dozen results for each individual query when the user is in a city. Here is the code:

BackendlessDataQuery *dataQuery = [BackendlessDataQuery query];

dataQuery.queryOptions = queryOptions;

NSString *type_q = currentCategory > 0 ? [NSString stringWithFormat:@"type=%i AND ",currentCategory] : @"";

dataQuery.whereClause = [NSString stringWithFormat:@"%@distance( %.5f, %.5f, Coordinate.latitude, Coordinate.longitude ) < km(%.1f)", type_q, mapView.centerCoordinate.latitude, mapView.centerCoordinate.longitude, [self getRadius] / 1000.0f];

BackendlessCollection *locs = [[backendless.persistenceService of:[Location class]] find:dataQuery];

Can you help?

Hi Tim,

Have you considered/tried running a search in radius directly against the geopoint storage?

Also, please let me know your application ID, I’d like to run a few queries to see what the response time is like.