German characters are not recognized when importing

Hi! I have imported my .csv file, but German characters such as ä, ü, ö encoded as a question mark in Database. I have opened my file in different viewers, everywhere it is encoded properly, so I encounter this issue only when I am importing it. How to fix it?

Hello @Arsen_Arpachiev

I just tried importing a file with charts like this and everything worked well.

Could you please provide us your appId and CSV file that you used. If your file contains sensitive data, you can send it to

Regard, Viktor

Hi, sure!

My appid is: A3552A39-3B9E-FA8D-FFBE-E00EC0774100
And my file is:
Bawiso.csv (4.9 KB)


I’ve created an internal ticket BKNDLSS-24191 to fix this issue

Regard, Viktor

@Arsen_Arpachiev Hello again

We investigated your problem.
You can only import CSV files with UTF-8 encoding for correct display. Your file has ISO 8859-1 encoding.

Regard, Viktor

Thank you, Viktor!