Get all data froma table in a single API response without paging

I know than Backendless API returns data in the “paged” format - meaning only a subset of data objects is returned at a time. Is there a way that I could get all my data from a single collection in one request without paging? I have more than 800 000 records in my table.
Moreover is there a way to get more than 100 records per request and what is the limit of the Backendless API?
Can I somehow create a custom API endpoint that will achieve this functionality?

If you just want all your records - use export.
In other situations - use paging. Yes, hundred - is the maximum page size.
If you need to make some computations with your records - use Business Logic handlers or Custom services.

Thank you for your response I already used the export function and it worked for me but I have one more question.

I need an info if Backendless support web-hook on insert or update in a table.
I need a possibility to receive the newly added or newly updated table row in my database table hosted in Backendlless via web-hook so that I could store it in my local db. I would like to create a URL that I will pass to Backendless and on each change in my table this url will be triggered and the changed data will be passed to it so that I will receive it in my application for further processing.

Is there such option in Backendless and how should I use it?

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You can use Event Handlers for this purposes.
To connect your own db - try Data Connectors.

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