Get an error when publish ui builder

I get this error when publish. before that I deleted some files but I forgot the filenames. is this happening because i deleted the file.

application id: 99A59215-4E00-4812-8008-0913BD815E97

{“code”: 8002, “message”: “Could not parse request with message:, status code 404, headers GET /index.html”, “errorData”: {}}

Hello @xiaomieya

Which ui-builder container are you trying to deploy? “default”?

Regards, Vlad

Application ID: 99A59215-4E00-4812-8008-0913BD815E97

Oops. An internal error [52728699824d9aa3ca49137f5a8e96cd] has occurred. We are working on it. Please try again later


i am trying to make a new container. and i deleted the old one.

Does the error happen when you try to create a new container or when you try to publish? Your original message is talking about publishing. Please clarify.