Get classe atributes

Hi there , i want to get class atributes from database.
i am working in windows form , .net.
classe code

How can i retrieve the name (Pedro) for example?

Hello @Pedro_Ventura


Bombeiro firstBombeiro = Backendless.Data.Of<Bombeiro>().FindFirst();

Yes, that is the docs i am following but in firstBombeiro. it only appears 4 options , equals,GethashCode, getType,to String

Try Non-blocking call

AsyncCallback<Contact> getContactCallback = 
  new AsyncCallback<Contact>(
    foundContact =>
      System.Console.WriteLine( foundContact.getNome() );
    error =>
      System.Console.WriteLine( "Server returned an error " + error.Message );

Backendless.Data.Of<Contact>().FindFirst( getContactCallback );

Add to put atributes public