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Get data on REST CONSOLE,

I decided to use “REST CONSOLE” to make some testing on a table. But here what happened. So I just opened the “REST CONSOLE” and click on the “GET” button. But I got nothing. After a while, I found out that “NotAuthenticatedUser” has no permission on this table. And that why I got nothing. When I changed the permission that “NotAuthenticatedUser” can find on this table everything worked fine. So if I have tables that “NotAuthenticatedUser” do not have permission on it, I need to switch permission every time I want to work with “REST CONSOLE”. Maybe there is a better way to do that?
Some screenshot :

I just think that it will be better to not switch permission every time working with “REST CONSOLE”.

Hi Mohamad

You can use “User Login” button to log in, and the next requests will be as authUser

Regards, Vlad

Aha, that makes sense, thanks.