get list of tables

I need to get a list of tables in my app, is there anyway I can using the REST api?
I can’t seem to find anything about this in the docs

Hi Ayoub,

This feature is not supported in Client APIs. But you can get this functionality using our Console Management API. It is paid service but it will be free as long as Backendless 4 is in beta.

To get list of tables you should firstly login as a developer.

Request URI: POST /console/home/login
Request Body:
 "login" : "string",
 "password" : "string"
Response Body:
      HTTP Response: 200 : response contains BackendlessDeveloper object (with all props, except for password)

Then using dev auth-key you can get the list of tables

Request URI:
GET /console/<app-id>/data/tables

Request Headers:


The property ‘usersTables’ of the response will be a list of tables

Regards Ilya

Great! Thanks a lot Ilya!