Get Message Status

Hi I’m working with push notification from iOS and Android Apps, and I have a FAILED status.

To get the status I found the get message status:

{“sendingTimeInMillis”:null,“failedSendsAmount”:null,“errorMessage”:“Could not find status for message with id: 255881BF-DCC3-4EF0-970F-509ABF9E25C2”,“messageId”:“255881BF-DCC3-4EF0-970F-509ABF9E25C2”,“successfulSendsAmount”:null,“status”:“unknown”}

“sendingTimeInMillis”: null,
“failedSendsAmount”: null,
“errorMessage”: “Could not find status for message with id: 7A4F230D-29F7-4160-BCC8-E9D25FB19B7B”,
“messageId”: “7A4F230D-29F7-4160-BCC8-E9D25FB19B7B”,
“successfulSendsAmount”: null,
“status”: “unknown”


Any ideas why can’t find?
Thanks, Mario

Hi @Mario_Ghersi ,

It seems to me that message IDs should start with message: prefix. In your examples I do not see this prefixes in messages IDs.
The other reason why you are unable to find message status is that message statuses are stored only for some time and then removed by the system.

Regards, Andriy

OK, THE “message:” it’s part of the ID that was my mistake !
Thanks, Mario