Get Object Count

I am doing the database retrieval with paging and am having a problem finding the “Get Object Count” block and cannot find that it has been superceded with another block.
Any guidance to where it is please ?.


Hi David,

The block is there (see below). However, I am curious why you’d need it? The count operation is rather expensive from the performance perspective and paging can be done without it.


Many thanks Mark. I searched so much for this block and my problem was so basic. I was using my scroll on the mouse and this caused me to miss several blocks I guess due to scrolling pages and not rows and this category has many and larger blocks to display.

With your reply I tried the scroll bar which did not work but then dragged the list with the mouse arrow and this allowed me to see all the blocks available which of course showed me the Get Object Count. I will make sure I do this in future.

The reason for using it was just using the example for my education in building blocks. I saw it and wanted to try it. Everything else fitted in place but not getting the correct block - and substituting with another - “Get group size/count” (thinking it was an enhanced replacement) got me nowhere of course and was really frustrating.

You have a fantastic application. I have not found it easy but every problem solved gives a little more understanding. Still a long way to go though.

Best Regards