Get objectID of relationship object created

Referring to the examples in
Say, I have 2 tables USERS and JOBS
USERS has many JOBS and has a relationship setup in the USERS table to have one-to-many relationship
The USERS table field myjobs points to JOB table
I am able to use iOS SDK to create a new JOB for a particular user using something like:
let user = backendless.userService.currentUser
let myNewJob :Jobs = jobs()
// populate Jobs
user.setProperty(“cases”, object: myNewJob)
var error: Fault?
let result =, error: &error) as? Users
if error == nil {
print(“User Job have been saved: (result)”)

else {
print(“Server reported an error: (error)”)
I want to obtain the objectID of the new Job created but the RESULT returned is NIL.
What am I doing wrong here?

You shouldn’t use ‘Users’ as a name of your class, because this is a Backendless inside table name.

If you need to work with Users table, please investigate this doc.