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Getting active users

Is there a method to get which user in currently active in backendless. I mean if a user is currently online on the app, how do I know at real time which user is active/online or not.

Hi @Yomade_Stephens!

Unfortunately there is no built-in instrument in Backendless which would identify a user as “Online”. This could be a boolean column “online” which would be true for a user who is currently logged in, or any other solution you may come up with.

P.S.: Backendless has an API which validates user session, you can read more about it here.


Looking at the boolean column option. Is this not going return true always, if user is set to be kept logged in. I mean when u register a user there is an option to keep user logged in. If that is set to be true won’t the online column always return true. Just asking.

Sorry I mean to say when u log in a user.

True! :slight_smile: You’ll need to think of an additional condition to identify user status in this case. You can look into Oracle’s HttpSessionListener or any other session tracking solution if you are not using Java in your project .