Getting an undefined property from Load Table objects (but it is there!)

I have this content logic to get a specific record from a one to many relationship. The query returns the correct data for each record in the list (confirmed in the REST console and in an alert message).

However, when I try to get and return the property “envelopeNumber” I get “undefined”. What’s happening?

Hi @Darrell_Estabrook,

the currentEnvelope variable is an array with the object inside it (see your second screenshot).
You should take the first element of this array and then take the property of it.

Happy Holidays!



If the objectId property you’re referring to in the where clause (Households[envelope].objectId) is of the STRING type, then the referenced value in the where clause should be enclosed in single quotes:

(Households[envelope].objectId = 'SOME VALUE' ) AND (fiscalYear = 2020)


Awesome! That was it.Thanks.