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I have a standalone API and need it to be able to update data in my Backendless project - what would be the best way to do this?


The best way to update data in Backendless is by using the “Update Data API”. The API guide has a dedicated section for that API for Android, iOS, REST, JS, Flutter and .NET.


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Do you mean this?

If we are talking about the Update API, it would be this:

This API will update a Backendless table.

Is there a Backendless method I can use to call a standalone API / database to get data and then update a Backendless table? And / or how do we push data from our standalone (I mean not Backendless) database / API to a Backendless table?

Thanks, Mark!

I do not quite understand what you mean by “standalone API”. Could you clarify?

Yeap, Mark.

Here is our case: we have a database and an API able to give data. We need this data uploaded and updated in our Backendless tables. How would you recommend to implement this? I assume we can have Backendless event (listener) calling our API and getting new entries into our Backendless table… Or what?


Hello @Dmytro_Potekhin

Looks like you are looking for a way to pull data from your Server into the Backendless app, am I right?
If so, I can propose you use our BusinessLogic, it could be a custom API Service or a custom EventHandler, inside the logic it could make API requests to retrieve data from your server and then save it on the Backendless App.

Take a look at the doc for JS, but you can use Codeless or Java languages as well.

Regards, Vlad

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Thanks, Vlad!

Could you please give the direct link to the Codeless version of this section of the manual (I am getting 404 when trying it from the JS version).



here you go

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Great! Thanks!