Getting error in Apple Connect test flight

I am getting the following error in Test Flight of Apple Connect.
09:48:47.058408-0800 Runner[4003:3927578] flutter: {message: Error: Script error for “components/custom/c_b743bc08d7cd927f7421032b5b9a3dea/dist/index.js”
Common Errors, messageLevel: 3}.

Attaching the screen shot. This is not happening in backendless viewer.
My app name is Volpass and I am opening the Credit Hours Page from menu. Sharing my app userid and password also so that you can debug at your end.

password: test@1234

Does the same app build work when you open it in a browser?

The error says that you didn’t add any dependencies to pubspec.yaml. Therefore, the application cannot load the page.

Can you send me your pubspec.yaml file, and file-structure of your app container(published app from ui builder).

Best Regards, Nikita.