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Getting error with adding object with API on CRUD ROOKIE

hello i am triyng to add an object with API call (using Integromat) but keep getting this error that “Unable to identify the application. Make sure application ID and API key are correct”

i am using the APP ID from my account,
and this is how i set it up:


Hello @Yoni_2021

Your application in European Union Cluster.
Please try:

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thanks @Vladimir_Yalovy your right! it worked

now i am trying to Retrieve Object With API

and i have succeed to do that

but it it happens again where backendless don’t recognize it and let me move to the next task

honestly, this is getting a little bit annoying,
after you already configured the task but it will not work…

it’s just not fun

Please make sure to follow the instructions precisely and it will work every time.