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Getting File URL for downloadable without including the app key in the URL

It seems in previous versions of backendless it was possible to get the URL with “v1” in , instead of API KEY.
In this update, API-KEY is included in the URL (with APP_ID)

I would like to have my files downloadable, by using that URL, but without including the API-KEY . How is this possible please?

Many thanks

Hello @sim_sim ,

it is possible with custom domains Custom Domain - Backendless SDK for JavaScript API Documentation, also on next week there will be add new feature called generated domain, so for each app will be created sub domain, wicj can be used without app id and API key

@sergey.kuk thanks for your reply -

  1. with the custom domain

is there a different one for eu ( like there is for ? )

  1. how far up the URL does the custom domain cover for eg file uploads?
    eg would it be

  2. also in the custom domain input box on here, how much of the custom name goes in here? does it include https:// or www etc or is it just

Many thanks for your kind help!

Hello @sim_sim

  1. Yes, you’re right. For applications in the European zone, you must use
  3. It could be either or


@sergey.kuk Hi Sergey - is the generated domain working yet please?

The Custom domain works but the SSL for the custom name is a bit tricky (as it doesn’t have a website , I have to use eg cloudflare, then shift nameserves just for that domain etc etc) . If I don’t do this I get insecure SSL in browser

Many thanks

hello @sim_sim
we are fixing issue with SSL it will be fixed in the next 2-3 hours

Thanks Sergey

@sim_sim we have fixed SSL issue, please check if it works for you.

thanks Sergey
No it doesnt - I think it is because I need SSL also for my custom domain name as well as your backendless having the SSL too


The SSL issue we have fixed, was for our domain, however, if you have a custom domain assigned to your Backendless app, then your own SSL certificate needs to be deployed in Backendless. We can do that for you as long as the app is either on the Cloud9 or Cloud99 plan.